Shipment Delays - Incoming Stock

Posted by Samuel Callander on

As you will be aware, we are experiencing significant shipment delays to our incoming stock programme. Cater-Connect is by no means unique in this situation. All industries that import goods have been affected, particularly in the last 2-3 weeks, as congestion increases.

Many of the containers that we are expecting have been delayed, at very little or no notice. These delays vary from 7-21 days, as the UK ports and shipping network continues to struggle with lack of capacity and a surge in demand for products.

We do see these delays continuing well into Q1 of 2021.  We will do our best to manage this and communicate more information as we get it. We will make sure that our product shipment information is kept up-to-date, any orders will automatically be placed onto a back order system with the view to dispatch once your product has been booked in. 


Thank you for your patience and working with us on this matter.



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