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Stem Zero Ion Master 420ml Case Size 6

Stem Zero Ion Master 420ml Case Size 6

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Featuring an invisible armature created by Nude’s Ion Shielding Technology, Ghost Zero glasses are exquisitely strong and yet light as a dandelion - lighter in fact than any NUDE glass to date.  Unique, resilient, sonorous and barely there, these elegant vessels are specially designed to hold red, white and champagne diminishing the barrier between wine and drinker and focusing the senses on the journey of the liquid from glass to palate. Ghost Zero glasses are delicately robust, but offer the colour, brilliance, transparency, lightness and master craftsmanship that are hallmarks of the highest quality and their weightlessness is the unmistakable sign of luxury.

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Product Type Wine Glassware 
Capacity 420ml
RangeStem Zero Ion
Material Type Glass 
Case Size 6