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Contact & Panini Grills

Breeze through meat, fish and even paninis with a powerful contact grill from our online catalogue of quality catering kit. Contact grills are the perfect kitchen appliance for cooking a vast number of food products thanks to the double whammy of dual heated grill plates that cook two sides of food at the same time. Sealing in the juices means that you end up with meats and fish with intense flavours. Even better still, a contact grill is able to cook meats up to 3 times faster than conventional grills, without the stress or mess involved. Meaning that a contact grill is perfect for busy cafes or mobile locations due to this incredible efficiency. The best part? You don't need any specialist training or expertise to use a contact grill either! Close the lid, set your timer and let the grill do the rest.
The versatility makes a contact grill such a popular option, you can literally cook almost anything on them and achieve amazing results. The best bit is that all of our contact and panini grills offer a variety of features such as single or double capacity grills, ribbed or flat grilling plates, programmable timers and a heck of a lot more too. Ribbed grills give that iconic seared look that makes customers say 'wow', whilst flat plates make for a more uniform cook. A truly quality kitchen cooking utensil, the contact grill might not be the most used, but we're sure that should you think of adding one to your kitchen; it certainly could become one of your key pieces.

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