It’s never been easier to buy your catering equipment using our easy lease application within our leasing dept. Retain cash flow within the business, purchase commercial catering equipment with ease through our 5 minute fast and easy leasing application. Borrow from £1000+. Low APR % repayments across borrowings.

By using our tried and tested system we can generate an instant finance quotation for you, either over the phone or using our online catering equipment leasing portal. This is very straight forward, simply choosing the items you wish to lease add them to your basket, checkout and choose request quote by leasing.

This will then be handed on to our finance team who will appoint the best lender for your business needs. You can borrow anything from £1000 to £500k and we will do the leg work and shop around for you to find the best deal to suit your circumstances. Our leasing department will call you straight back to get your order completed. We have a 98% Acceptance Rate for all leasing enquiries so you can rest assure you are in safe hands.


Installing a new gas appliance in a commercial kitchen might sound like a complicated process, but it doesn't have to be. As long as you follow the correct advice and use fully qualified and accredited professionals, you can have a powerful new cooker or hob ready to go in next to no time.This guide should help you understand the full process, from ordering your machine to the final installation sign-off.

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If there’s one thing that all catering appliances have in common, it’s power. Every machine, from blenders and blast chillers to cookers and combi ovens all require either a gas or electricity connection. With electrical appliances, one of the most common questions we get asked here is “What’s the difference between single phase and three phase power?”. As power requirements can vary greatly between machines, it's vital to know the difference to ensure your investment is an asset to your kitchen.

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Purchasing A Commercial Fryer Guide

Whether you’re frying fish, chicken, doughnuts or chips, a Commercial Deep Fat Fryer is the ideal to produce deliciously crispy and succulent foods. However, choosing the right fryer from such a vast range could seem overwhelming at first. For many businesses, a professional commercial fryer is the primary cooking appliance that generates vast amount of revenue, so it’s vital to understand the features, limitations and which type of unit is best suited to your business.

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