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Increased Lead Times & Delays For UK Supply Chains

As you will be aware, we are experiencing significant shipment delays to our incoming stock programme alike many other UK businesses. I would like to provide a brief explanation to your our customers the reason for these severe delays and lead times on stock.
Stock via shipment- this is severely impacted from the boat that was stuck within the Suez Canal. Ships have a schedule at docks- if they miss this they continue on past this port to the next scheduled dock. Meaning a lot of stock is sailing past the designated ports, to meet deadlines. 
Staffing Issues- There is a lack of staff support at docks and HGV drivers moving the stock of the boats and then boats to warehouses. 
HMRC Custom Checks- Increased checks at boarders have impacted on the booking of stock. 
Global Warehouses- Our partners and manufacturers have been severely impacted and continue to be impacted by the Coronavirus, whilst we the UK are moving out of restrictions, our partners across the globe maybe operating under restrictions.
 All industries that import goods have been affected. As we try to provide expected arrival dates of our deliveries, please be aware these may move due to the external factors being customs. 
Whilst many deliveries are arriving on time and as planned. We have experienced some that have been delayed- this is a wider issue experienced by all businesses in the UK and Europe.
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