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Genware Bar Supplies & Accessories

Whether you're a bartender looking for faster ways to serve your customers, a sommelier who needs accessories to streamline service, or a mixologist looking for the latest precision tools, our vast selection of bar supplies and pub equipment has what you need. Ranging from small accessories such as bottle openers and corkscrews, to bar furniture like tables and chairs, our bar supplies are able to kit-out your business in no time at all.

And as our bar equipment is made with high-quality parts and designs, they're suitable for use in busy catering environments and can easily withstand the rigours of daily wear and tear.

Bar Accessories
From ice buckets and wine storage racks, to bottle openers and shot measurers, our bar accessories have everything for master mixologists and new-starters alike. Innovative designs, such as anti-spiking bottle stoppers, allow guests to enjoy their night without the worry of illness or injury. Whereas classic must-haves such as ice cube trays and bottle openers make each service run as smooth as possible.

Cocktail Accessories
Whether you serve classic cosmopolitans or tasteful woo woos, cocktail accessories are a must. Strainers, mixers, and syrups allow you to high-quality cocktails with the finest accessories. Everything you need to fill your cocktail glasses with award-winning drinks.

Spirt Dispensers and Measures
Essential for accurate pouring and measurements, our range of spirit dispensers and measurers help to maximise taste whilst minimising costs. The right measurements are essential for giving complex cocktails their signature taste. Therefore, choosing accurate thimbles, jiggers, shot pourers and optics are vital part of successful drinks services.

Wine Accessories
From wine and ice buckets to storage racks and rails, our wine accessories provide your business with equipment that makes storing and serving wine that-bit easier. Our selection of corkscrews and bottle stoppers are specifically designed for easy opening and storage of bottles of wine and champagne. As there's a whole host of sizes and styles to choose from, you're sure to find equipment that suits your bar staff's needs.

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