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Eazyzap Energy Efficient LED Fly Killer 100m²

Eazyzap Energy Efficient LED Fly Killer 100m²

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Keep your spaces free from flying insects with the Eazyzap LED fly killer. Fitted with two long-lasting LED bulbs, the Eazyzap combines effective pest control with impressive savings on your energy bills.

The fly zapper's LED bulbs make a huge difference. Not only do the bulbs operate at a frequency more suitable for attracting flying pests, they are also incredibly energy efficient, using around 50% less energy in comparison to traditional fluorescent alternatives. The bulbs last longer (around 10,000 hours) too, so you save on replacements, as well as overall running costs.

With its simple chain mounting system and generous 2 metre power cable, the Eazyzap is easy to install wherever it's needed most, whilst the large 100m² coverage ensures effective fly killing in a wide area around the unit. The zapper also includes a handy removable collection drawer, which keeps any insect remains safely and hygienically stored until it's time to empty.

Eazyzap have conducted rigerous testing to prove the energy savings which can be made by choosing a fly killer with LED bulbs. Whereas a similarly-sized flourescent model would cost around £100 to run per year, this Eazyzap LED version costs £42 per year - that's a huge annual saving of over 50% in energy alone (based on electricity cost of 0.30p KWh, unit powered 8hrs per day).
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Product Type Fly Zapper 
Dimensions W500mm x D86mm x H320mm
Bulb Type LED - 10,000 Hours 
Collection DrawRemovable 
Power Type Electric 
Electric Type Single Phase 
Warranty 1 Year