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Libbey Perception Goblets 410ml Case Size 12

Libbey Perception Goblets 410ml Case Size 12

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The Libbey Perception Goblets 410ml Case Size 12 offers tremendous strength and style, these 410ml Libbey Perception goblets are ideal for use in any high-volume restaurant, gastropub or bar where safety is of the upmost importance. The one-piece construction of these goblets means there are no weak points where the stem joins the bowl or foot, making them immensely durable and robust. Featuring a strengthened rim and foot, these glasses are also highly resistant to chipping, ensuring a long life to save you money on frequent replacements. This sturdy build means the goblets are also glasswasher safe, enabling quick and easy cleaning. The one-piece design and curved lines of these goblets also gives them an exceptionally elegant look, adding stunning style to your drinks presentation. These glasses are not CE marked.
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Brand Libbey
Product TypeGoblet Wine Glassware
Dimensions215(H) x 70(Ø)mm
Capacity14oz / 410ml
Case Size 12