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Olympia Athena Cappuccino Cups 220ml Case Size 24

Olympia Athena Cappuccino Cups 220ml Case Size 24

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Tough, scratch and chip resistant - these 220ml cappuccino cups from Olympia Athena are ideal for any demanding catering setting. The fully vitrified finish makes them tough enough for heavy everyday use, while the rolled rim prevents chipping from those unpredictable knocks and drops that come with commercial catering.

And the classic, timeless shape gives your cappuccinos an authentic and stylish look that can help to really spruce-up your services.

Plus, thanks to the wide handles, each cup is easy and comfortable to grip. This helps to keep guests satisfied throughout their visit, whilst reducing the risk of drops and spills.

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Brand Olympia 
Product Type Cups & Mugs   
Material Porcelain 
Colour White 
Stackable No
Case Size 24