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Olympia Athena Wide Rimmed Plates 228mm White Case Size 12

Olympia Athena Wide Rimmed Plates 228mm White Case Size 12

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Looking for practical crockery that's made to last? Then these 228(Ø)mm Olympia Athena wide-rimmed plates are the perfect choice for you. As they're made from super-vitrified porcelain, these plates boast an extra-hard glaze that makes them highly resistant to scratches and nicks caused by sharp cutlery. This vitrified construction also stops liquids from seeping into the surface of the plates - so they're sure to stay in as-new condition throughout your guests' regular use!

And thanks to the rolled edges, these plates have great chip-resistance too, allowing them to withstand knocks and blows without damaging. Once service is over, the plates can be safely used in a dishwasher, thanks to the super-vitrified material - giving your staff a quick turnaround of fresh crockery!

Plus, the crisp-white colour creates a neutral canvas that ensures the your dishes' striking tones really stand out - adding the special touch to your food presentations and giving your guests a true, gourmet experience.
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Brand Olympia 
Product Type Wide Rim Plates 
Dimensions 22.8cm
Material Porcelain 
Colour White 
Stackable n/a
Case Size 12