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Olympia Canvas Flat Round Plate Sienna Rust 180mm Case Size 6

Olympia Canvas Flat Round Plate Sienna Rust 180mm Case Size 6

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You don't just cook food. You create art. And all good art starts with the right canvas.

With a wide, flat base that allows you to get creative with your plating, and a rich, fiery Sienna Rust finish that adds warmth and intensity to your dishes, the flat plate from Olympia Canvas is made for creative cuisine.

Designed by master potters to bring out the best in your dishes, the exposed rim draws the eye mid-plate, perfectly framing your food and ensuring it remains centre stage, while the reactive glaze changes as it's fired in the kiln, making each piece entirely unique.

The result? An unrepeatable canvas for each dish you lovingly craft - and a unique, personal dining experience for every guest you serve.

Creative cuisine needs a backdrop to bring out its best. Turn your next idea into your next signature dish with Olympia Canvas.
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Brand Olympia 
Product Type Flat Plates   
Dimensions D18cm x H1.5cm 
RangeDesign Canvas 
Material Stoneware 
Colour Siena Rust  
Stackable n/a
Case Size 6