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Vegware Compostable Coffee Cups Double Wall 12oz Case Size 500

Vegware Compostable Coffee Cups Double Wall 12oz Case Size 500

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Add a sustainable touch to your hot drinks service with this VVegware Compostable Coffee Cups Double Wall 12oz Case Size 500, double-wall coffee cups. Because they're made with paper and plant-based PLA, these coffee cups can be commercially composted within 12 weeks after use. This will help you and your customers to send less waste to landfill, instead turning the cups into nutrient-rich compost that's used to grow more plants.

These renewable, sustainably sourced paper and PLA materials also make the cups far kinder to Earth and its natural resources. So even if you can't send these coffee cups to industrial composting centres, they'll still help to improve your green footprint!

But that's not all. The double-wall design gives the cups great thermal properties - keeping your customers' hand cool and drinks hotter for longer without the need for a cup sleeve.

The cups are made for use with the matching GH024 8oz Vegware compostable hot cup lids (sold separately). They'll also fit any other hot cup lids in Vegware's 79-Series range.
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Product Type Coffee Cups 
Double WallYes 
Size 12oz
Colour Brown
Case Size 500