Sustainable & Revived Recycling Process

When it comes to sustainable disposables in the UK, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all,’ silver-bullet solution. We at Cater-Connect aim to sell the most sustainable disposables on the market today – and that’s not always the same for every business. That’s why we offer two ranges of eco food packaging Sustain &  Revived Categories. With us, you’re never stuck with just one rigid option. Instead, you can choose the road to sustainability that better suits your business!

Sustainable Packaging Materials: Recycled Materials

Recycled materials are simply materials that have been used before and then used again – so not wasted to landfill or litter.

You might have wondered what happens after you’ve done the good deed of dropping your plastic into the plastics recycling bin or those old journals into the paper bin? Well, depending on what type of plastic it is it might get down-cycled (recycled into a lower quality product) or up-cycled (recycled into the same product or one of equal quality).

That’s why we love our Revive™ range so much: it’s made from the only plastics that can be up-cycled back into food grade products (rPET mixed with PET). And what does that mean? That our Revive™ range is plastic bottles made from plastic bottles. How cool is that?


Sustainable Waste Stream: Widely Recyclable

Widely recyclable not only means that the materials which make a product could be disassembled, remodelled, and used again, but also means that the materials will be recycled as they are accepted for recycling across the UK.

For example rPET mentioned earlier is recycled throughout the UK, as is paper and cardboard.

Though everything is technically recyclable, not everything is recycled – even if you pop it into the recycling bin.

Beyond the limitations of recycling due to food contamination, recycling can be especially confusing because not all regions or boroughs will recycle the same things, bins aren’t always clear, and on top of that, different waste collectors ‘recycle’ different materials.

That’s why choosing products that are widely recyclable, like our Revive range, is so important!


Revived Recycling Process

What is Specialised Recycling?

Specialised Recycling refers to products and/pr material types which can be recycled but through specialised facilities. This is often due to the use of different materials combined to make a functional product, or from the presence of heavy contamination. An example of specialised recycling is the Simply Cups Scheme which offers a bespoke solution for the collection and recycling of paper cups.