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Fracino DSU 5L Water Softener Group 1 Units

Fracino DSU 5L Water Softener Group 1 Units

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The Fracino DSU 5L Water Softener is a water treatment device this is essential in hard water areas and need to be exchanged every 8-12 months. They are fitted directly to the mains water supply and the espresso machine with high quality stainless steel flexi hoses.

Highly recommended for all Fracino coffee machines. Hard water damage to machine elements may not be covered by the warranty.

It has top quality copper boiler heated by multiple looped elements with the pressure being controlled by a triple contact pressure switch. The clever thermosyphonic circulation ensures the group is kept constantly hot for perfect coffee making with temperature control on each group, choose either gas, electricity or both. With separate water and steam pressure controls alongside the powerful dual steam wands, you can make a superb quality latte, cappuccino, espresso and more. Able to produce up to 240 cappuccino or 400 espressos per hour.

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    Brand Fracino
    Product Type Water Softener 
    Dimensions D200 x H470mm 
    Machine Type1 Group 
    Water Capacity 5 Litres
    Warranty12 Months Parts & Labour