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Cater-Connect Ltd

Ice Cream Containers 4L Case Size 20

Ice Cream Containers 4L Case Size 20

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Make your ice cream go even further, you'll want to avoid freezer burn at all costs - and that's why these plastic ice cream containers are such a great choice. Made from premium food safe plastic, the tubs offer essential protection for your frozen desserts, whilst also preserving their delicious tastes and creamy textures. So by storing your sweet treats in these containers, you'll reduce the amount of damaged food you throw away - cutting costs and maximise profits!

Each of the 4Ltr containers is designed with reinforced corners to offer high protection against bumps during transportation or accidental drops. Not only will this keep your ice cream safe - it'll also ensure the containers can be reused time and time again. And because they're dishwasher-safe, keeping the containers clean and hygienic between uses is effortless too. You can even use them in the microwave for defrosting or reheating tasks if needed.


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Brand Cater-Connect
Product Type Ice Cream Container
Suitable LidDA571
Colour White 
Material Polypropylene
Case Size 20