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Rational 6035.1006 Chicken Superspike 1/1GN Tray 8 Chickens

Rational 6035.1006 Chicken Superspike 1/1GN Tray 8 Chickens

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The chickens are arranged vertically, creating particularly succulent breast meat combined with crispy and uniformly browned skin. The Chicken Superspike is suitable for all types of chicken in various sizes. Different Chicken Superspikes are available depending on the size of chicken you want to roast.

The accessory is easy to operate so that it can be loaded quickly.

1/1 GN Size / Capacity x 8 Chickens.

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Product TypeOven Tray
Gastronorm Size1/1GN
Production Qty 8
FeaturesRust Free
Material Stainless Steel
Case Size 1